The Arctic Ocean Sea-ice Cover: Status, Evolution


2010 summer sea-ice on the way to be third-lowest after 2007 and 2008

Document created 08 April 2009, last updated: 07 October 2011
As the summer season comes to an end, the minimum extent of Arctic sea-ice for 2010 now looks to be the third smallest in the satellite record after 2007 and 2008 (see links to Terra Daily 13 Sep 10 and National Snow & Ice Data Center below).

This is only the 3rd time that the Arctic sea-ice extent drops below 5 million sq km (4.95 mi sq km), all 3 times being in the last 4 years. By comparison the 1979-2000 average was 6.71 mi sq km (National Snow & Ice Data Center).

According to some studies the current sea-ice extent is the smallest since the 13th century, after a maximum reached around 1700-1800 (see link to Terra Daily 3 Jul 09 below).

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