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Kenya's iconic Nairobi national park is under threat, conservationists warn
Guardian (London) -  Wildlife including giraffe, rhino and zebra are under pressure from roads, railways, factories and houses... read more
[23 Nov 2014] 

In Romania, Highway Boom Poses Looming Threat to Bears
Yale Environment 360 -  Romania, one of Europe’s poorest nations, badly needs a modern highway system. But conservationists warn that unless the movements of wildlife are acc... read more
[20 Nov 2014] 

Elephants are being wiped out, but not enough people seem to care
Guardian (London) -  Progress on wildlife poaching is slow because there is little public pressure. Let’s hope Interpol’s ‘most wanted’ eco criminals list will help... read more
[19 Nov 2014] 

Spotlight on murders of activists as Peru prepares for Lima climate talks
Guardian (London) -  Government accused of neglecting people defending their land and forests against mining and illegal logging... read more
[17 Nov 2014] 

Only place where rhinos, tigers, elephants, and orangutans coexist is under threat -  A report, issued Monday, looks at one of the last vestiges of wilderness on the island of Sumatra, which for the past three decades has been heavily r... read more
[12 Nov 2014] 

The real story of US coal: inside the world's biggest coalmine
Guardian (London) -  Despite Obama’s pledge to cut carbon emissions, production at North Antelope Rochelle mine in Wyoming is booming - and climate change is off the agend... read more
[11 Nov 2014] 

Yale Environment 360 -  Chinese-led criminal organizations have been conspiring with corrupt Tanzanian officials to traffic huge amounts of ivory — a trade that has caused ha... read more
[10 Nov 2014] 

Coalition bid to strip Tasmanian forests of world heritage cover 'disappointing'
Guardian (London) -  Leading conservationist says Australia needs to understand the importance of leaving carbon-dense forests standing... read more
[09 Nov 2014] 

What's the environmental impact of modern war?
Guardian (London) -  Ban Ki-moon has called on nations to do more to protect the environment from the destruction of war, but even in times of peace our militaries have a ... read more
[06 Nov 2014] 

Canada Accused of Failing to Prevent Overseas Mining Abuses
Inter Press Service -  The Canadian government is failing either to investigate or to hold the country’s massive extractives sector accountable for rights abuses committed i... read more
[02 Nov 2014] 

De-protection of Protected Areas ramps up in Brazil, 'compromises the capacity' of ecosystems -  De-protection of Protected Areas ramps up in Brazil, 'compromises the capacity' of ecosystems ... read more
[02 Nov 2014] 

Uzbekistan calls for help over disappearing Aral Sea
Terra Daily -  Uzbekistan on Wednesday called for more international help over the shrinking of the Aral Sea, after recent images showed part of the lake had dried u... read more
[30 Oct 2014] 

The inconvenient solution to the rhino poaching crisis -  Daily, we read or hear of more rhino being poached to satisfy the seemingly insatiable demand from Asia for rhino horn ... read more
[29 Oct 2014] 

Electric Power Rights of Way: A New Frontier for Conservation
Yale Environment 360 -  Often mowed and doused with herbicides, power transmission lines have long been a bane for environmentalists. But that’s changing, as some utilities a... read more
[28 Oct 2014] 

Gold mining expanding rapidly along Guiana Shield, threatening forests, water, wildlife -  Land cleared for mines spotted by innovative mapping technology ... read more
[22 Oct 2014] 

Protecting Biodiversity in Costa Rica’s Thermal Convection Dome in the Pacific
Inter Press Service -  The vast habitat known as the Costa Rican Thermal Convection Dome in the eastern Pacific Ocean will finally become a protected zone, over 50 years aft... read more
[20 Oct 2014] 

Amazon deforestation picking up pace, satellite data reveals
Guardian (London) -  Data indicates 190% rise in land clearance in August and September compared with same period last year... read more
[19 Oct 2014] 

Desertec solar power project shareholders jump ship
Guardian (London) -  An ambitious project to harness and export solar power generated in Middle East and African deserts has all but folded... read more
[14 Oct 2014] 

Marine Litter: Plunging Deep, Spreading Wide
Inter Press Service -  There are an estimated 13,000 pieces of plastic litter afloat every single square kilometer of ocean... read more
[13 Oct 2014] 

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