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Humans and leopards can co-exist: Wildlife biologist
Times of India -  Leopards, like many other wild species, adapt well to human-dominated eco-systems and prefer "easy foods" available there ra... read more
[17 Apr 2014] 

Studying a Polar Menagerie On an Island in Arctic Russia
Yale Environment 360 -  This is the second of three blog posts from the field by conservation biologist Joel Berger, who is a senior scientist with the Wildlife Conservation ... read more
[16 Apr 2014] 

Liberia: One of the last strongholds for Western chimpanzees
Science Daily -  Liberia is home to the second largest chimpanzee population in West Africa. An international research team has now counted chimpanzees and other large... read more
[09 Apr 2014] 

Uncovering the secret world of the Plastisphere
Terra Daily -  Scientists are revealing how microbes living on floating pieces of plastic marine debris affect the ocean ecosystem, and the potential harm they pose ... read more
[02 Mar 2014] 

Despite frigid cold in U.S., January was the fourth warmest on record worldwide -  Worldwide, this January was the fourth warmest since record-keeping began, according to new data released by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administ... read more
[27 Feb 2014] 

Whale euthanasia: vets learn to kill stranded leviathans humanely
Guardian (London) -  Putting beached whales out of their misery is dangerous, difficult work and chemicals used in the past can poison the ecosystem... read more
[19 Feb 2014] 

Huge chimpanzee population thriving in remote Congo forest
Guardian (London) -  Scientists believe the group is one of the last chimp 'mega-cultures', sharing a unique set of customs and behaviour... read more
[09 Feb 2014] 

New dolphin discovered in the Amazon -  Researchers have discovered a new species of river dolphin from the Amazon... read more
[23 Jan 2014] 

Polar vortex over US brings abnormally mild weather to Scandinavia
Guardian (London) -  Weather system disrupts flora and fauna in Nordic countries, with bears reportedly emerging from hibernation... read more
[12 Jan 2014] 

Lions Approach Extinction in West Africa
National Geographic -  New study paints dire picture and outlines conservation needs... read more
[09 Jan 2014] 

Bonobos: the Congo Basin's greatest gardeners -  The survival of primary forests depends on many overlapping interactions. Among these interactions include tropical gardeners, like the bonobo (Pan pa... read more
[11 Dec 2013] 

A Successful Push to Restore Europe's Long Abused Rivers
Yale Environment 360 -  From Britain to the Czech Republic, European nations have been restoring rivers to their natural state taking down dams, removing levees, and revivi... read more
[10 Dec 2013] 

Many reasons for Ganga's plight: Experts
Times of India -  The pollution of Ganga is a complex issue that needs a multi-pronged approach to address. Along with the failure of Ganga Action Plan (GAP), other fac... read more
[08 Dec 2013] 

86 percent of big animals in the Sahara Desert are extinct or endangered Read more at -  Bigger than all of Brazil, among the harshest ecosystems on Earth, and largely undeveloped, one would expect that the Sahara desert would be a haven f... read more
[04 Dec 2013] 

Viewpoint: Why Burma's forests must be preserved
BBC -  For the first time in more than 50 years, a team of wildlife film-makers has been permitted to venture deep into Burma's barely penetrable jungles. Th... read more
[03 Dec 2013] 

A North Atlantic Mystery: Case of the Missing Whales
Yale Environment 360 -  Endangered North Atlantic right whales are disappearing from customary feeding grounds off the U.S. and Canadian coasts and appearing in large numbers... read more
[27 Nov 2013] 

Calm solar cycle prompts questions about impact on Earth
Terra Daily -  The surface of the sun has been surprisingly calm of late -- with fewer sunspots than anytime in in the last century -- prompting curious scientists t... read more
[25 Nov 2013] 

Concerted effort for conservation of rainforests urged
Times of India -  Concerted efforts are the need of the hour to conserve the rich contiguous rainforest patch of Dihing-Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary and its adjoining Uppe... read more
[21 Nov 2013] 

Yale Environment 360 -  The microscopic community, which scientists dubbed the "plastisphere," includes more than 1,000 species of algae, bacteria, microscopic plants, symbio... read more
[17 Nov 2013] 

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