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How black rhinos and local communities help each other in Namibia -  Locals are key to Namibia's rhino success even in the midst of a poaching crisis... read more
[11 Jan 2015] 

Former Guatemala gum growers live off sustainable jungle
Terra Daily -  The people of Carmelita now have a new livelihood: protecting the largest nature reserve in Mesoamerica... read more
[18 Dec 2014] 

Electric Power Rights of Way: A New Frontier for Conservation
Yale Environment 360 -  Often mowed and doused with herbicides, power transmission lines have long been a bane for environmentalists. But that’s changing, as some utilities a... read more
[28 Oct 2014] 

New Global Declaration “Insufficient” to Tackle Deforestation
Inter Press Service -  Heads of state, civil society groups and the leaders of some of the world’s largest companies this week urged their peers to sign on to a landmark new... read more
[05 Oct 2014] 

Rescuing orphaned baby elephants in Kenya - in pictures
Guardian (London) -  To mark World Elephant Day, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has released behind-the-scenes pictures of efforts to save orphaned baby elephants in A... read more
[12 Aug 2014] 

Rebuilding Kissama: war-torn Angola's only national park affected by deforestation, but refaunation -  Conservation organizations, government reintroducing wildlife from other countries ... read more
[24 Jul 2014] 

Despite early headwinds, Indonesia's biggest REDD+ project moves forward in Borneo -  Just over a year ago, the Indonesian government officially approved the country's first REDD+ forest carbon conservation project: Rimba Raya, which ai... read more
[29 Jun 2014] 

Yale Environment 360 -  A program started by The Nature Conservancy aims to enlist California farmers in creating temporary habitats for migrating birds — a partnership that ... read more
[12 Jun 2014] 

Despite poaching, Indian rhino population jumps by 27 percent in eight years -  The world's stronghold for Indian rhinos—the state of Assam—has seen its population leap by 27 percent since 2006, Read more at http://news.mongabay.c... read more
[10 Jun 2014] 

New Caledonia officially creates world's largest protected area (photos) -  The Natural Park of the Coral Sea (Le Parc Naturel de la Mer de Corail) covers all of New Caledonia’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which is home to ... read more
[04 May 2014] 

Kenya to deploy drones in all national parks in bid to tackle poaching
Guardian (London) -  Move follows a successful pilot project in major protected wildlife area that saw drones reduce poaching by up to 96%... read more
[27 Apr 2014] 

How locals and conservationists saved the elephants of Mali amidst conflict and poverty -  In a country that has suffered from widespread poverty, environmental degradation, and, most recently, warfare, a collaboration between elephant conse... read more
[03 Apr 2014] 

Marine reserves south of NZ approved by MPs
New Zealand Herald -  Three massive marine reserves will be established around remote islands south of New Zealand after MPs gave them the green light last night... read more
[12 Feb 2014] 

Study: 59% of Marine Protected Areas are ineffective -  The authors look at 964 sites in 87 MPAs worldwide and identify which factors determine a successful MPA... read more
[12 Feb 2014]