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Is Aru safe? Indonesia suspends plan to clear half the islands' forests -  A plan to clear half of Aru’s forest cover for sugar cane has been ... read more
[17 Apr 2014] 

Surge in deaths of environmental activists over past decade, report finds
Guardian (London) -  Investigation by Global Witness reveals there were nearly three times as many deaths in 2012 than 10 years previously... read more
[15 Apr 2014] 

Save the caribou, save the boreal forest: ecologists
Terra Daily -  Endangered woodland caribou face increasing encroachment on their Canadian habitat, and foot-dragging by the federal government to try to halt this ad... read more
[08 Apr 2014] 

English grasslands in 'catastrophic decline'
Guardian (London) -  Conservationists warn wildlife-rich grasslands are vanishing due to development, farming practices or neglect... read more
[06 Apr 2014] 

How locals and conservationists saved the elephants of Mali amidst conflict and poverty -  In a country that has suffered from widespread poverty, environmental degradation, and, most recently, warfare, a collaboration between elephant conse... read more
[03 Apr 2014] 

We want these bears dead
Raincoast Conservation Foundation -  This is the message that the B.C. government’s “reallocation policy” sends to Raincoast and British Columbians. This policy is preventing a sustainabl... read more
[01 Apr 2014] 

On Ravaged Tar Sands Lands, Big Challenges for Reclamation
Yale Environment 360 -  The mining of Canada’s tar sands has destroyed large areas of sensitive wetlands in Alberta. Oil sands companies have vowed to reclaim this land, but ... read more
[30 Mar 2014] 

Over 9,000 primates killed for single bushmeat market in West Africa every year -  Over the past 25 years, West Africa's primates have been put at risk due to an escalating bushmeat trade compounded with forest loss from expanding hu... read more
[24 Mar 2014] 

Kenya poaching crisis 'national disaster': top conservationist
Terra Daily -  Kenya must take drastic action to stem a surge of elephant and rhino poaching, veteran conservationist Richard Leakey warned Wednesday, la... read more
[20 Mar 2014] 

Photos: Forests, peatlands, plantations, and deforestation in Riau -  Indonesia's Riau Province on the island of Sumatra has experienced rapid deforestation since the early 1990's, with ... read more
[20 Mar 2014] 

Northeast Greenland glaciers are now melting rapidly, study finds
Yale Environment 360 -  The glaciers of northeast Greenland, long thought to be the most stable part of the massive Greenland ice sheet, are melting at an accelerating pace, ... read more
[19 Mar 2014] 

Commercial development threatens Ulcinj Salinas in Montenegro
BirdLife International -  The Ulcinj Salinas are an irreplaceable habitat for birds on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, and one of the most important habitats on the Adriati... read more
[17 Mar 2014] 

Deadly Driftnets Will Not Be Expanded Into Sea Turtle, Whale Habitat Off California Coast
Center for Biological Diversity -  In an important victory for wildlife, federal fishery managers in Sacramento today decided not to expand driftnet fishing into protected sea turtle h... read more
[17 Mar 2014] 

Indonesian sugar company poised to destroy half of island paradise's forests -  An Indonesian plantation company may be preparing to destroy up to half of the natural forests on ... read more
[16 Mar 2014] 

Face to face with the bloody horror of rhino poaching
Guardian (London) -  The time I spent this weekend with a dead rhino shot by poachers was a heart-breaking experience... read more
[16 Mar 2014] 

Asia-Pacific failing to save forests, grassland loss
Reuters -  Asia-Pacific nations are failing to halt the loss of natural forests and grasslands, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Tuesday,... read more
[12 Mar 2014] 

Engineering Pacific Bluefin's Comeback
Pew Environment Group -  Pacific bluefin tuna are an impressive testament to the wondrous world just beneath the ocean’s surface. In the catalogue of marine wildlife, these wa... read more
[04 Mar 2014] 

New Maps Show Extent of Oil and Gas Drilling in Southwest Wyoming
Yale Environment 360 -  Oil and gas wells, including those involved in hydraulic fracturing operations, scar a major portion of southwest Wyoming, according to a recent analy... read more
[24 Feb 2014] 

Lemurs could be extinct 'very soon' experts warn
New Zealand Herald -  A combination of the destruction of their habitat and bush meat hunting by impoverished local people means that lem... read more
[24 Feb 2014] 

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