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India builds solar plants atop canals to save on land, water
Reuters -  As India moves to ramp up investment in solar power, it is exploring innovative places to install solar plants, including across the top of canals.... read more
[19 Jan 2015] 

Should tackling climate change trump protecting nature?
Guardian (London) -  Planners have given the green light for a solar farm at Rampisham Down, a SSSI in West Dorset. But stopping biodiversity loss is as important as stopp... read more
[19 Jan 2015] 

Recreational fishing in the Mediterranean is more harmful than previously thought
Science Daily -  A total of 10 percent of adults living in developed countries practice recreational fishing, which in the Mediterranean Sea represents around 10 perce... read more
[12 Jan 2015] 

How black rhinos and local communities help each other in Namibia -  Locals are key to Namibia's rhino success even in the midst of a poaching crisis... read more
[11 Jan 2015] 

Former Guatemala gum growers live off sustainable jungle
Terra Daily -  The people of Carmelita now have a new livelihood: protecting the largest nature reserve in Mesoamerica... read more
[18 Dec 2014] 

Is the Mekong at a Tipping Point?
International Rivers -  A dam-building rush on the mainstem Mekong and its tributaries threatens the ecological integrity of the entire basin, and would irreversibly change ... read more
[17 Dec 2014] 

The barbaric capture of baby elephants for zoos in China shocks the world
Guardian (London) -  re there no limits to the cruelty that humans are prepared to inflict on their fellow creatures in the natural world? When there is money to be made, ... read more
[16 Dec 2014] 

Abandoned wells can be 'super-emitters' of greenhouse gas
Terra Daily -  Princeton University researchers have uncovered a previously unknown, and possibly substantial, source of the greenhouse gas methane to the Earth's at... read more
[11 Dec 2014] 

False victories for sustainability – Amazonian Hydropower -  Study criticises Brazil’s dam construction, saying that more economically and ecologically viable alternatives already exist... read more
[10 Dec 2014] 

Congo's forest communities suffer at the hands of irresponsible forestry sector
Greenpeace -  Logging companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo are plundering forests, using physical intimidation against local communities and failing to mee... read more
[08 Dec 2014] 

Victory for Yukon Wilderness Is "Game-Changer"
National Geographic -  Victory for Yukon Wilderness Is "Game-Changer"... read more
[07 Dec 2014] 

One-two punch: farming, global warming destroying unique East African forests -  A recent study examines the evolution of viper species in East Africa, highlighting the region's mountaintop forests as among the most biodiverse in t... read more
[04 Dec 2014] 

Chinese logging company takes over Guyana's forests -  Illegal deforestation ocurring despite Guyana’s ground-breaking low carbon development strategy... read more
[26 Nov 2014] 

New blood record: 1,020 rhinos killed in South Africa -  In an announcement on November 20th, the South African Department of Environmental Affairs said that 1,020 rhinos had been killed to date. Rhinos are ... read more
[25 Nov 2014] 

Kenya's iconic Nairobi national park is under threat, conservationists warn
Guardian (London) -  Wildlife including giraffe, rhino and zebra are under pressure from roads, railways, factories and houses... read more
[23 Nov 2014] 

In Romania, Highway Boom Poses Looming Threat to Bears
Yale Environment 360 -  Romania, one of Europe’s poorest nations, badly needs a modern highway system. But conservationists warn that unless the movements of wildlife are acc... read more
[20 Nov 2014] 

Elephants are being wiped out, but not enough people seem to care
Guardian (London) -  Progress on wildlife poaching is slow because there is little public pressure. Let’s hope Interpol’s ‘most wanted’ eco criminals list will help... read more
[19 Nov 2014] 

Spotlight on murders of activists as Peru prepares for Lima climate talks
Guardian (London) -  Government accused of neglecting people defending their land and forests against mining and illegal logging... read more
[17 Nov 2014] 

Only place where rhinos, tigers, elephants, and orangutans coexist is under threat -  A report, issued Monday, looks at one of the last vestiges of wilderness on the island of Sumatra, which for the past three decades has been heavily r... read more
[12 Nov 2014] 

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