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How black rhinos and local communities help each other in Namibia -  Locals are key to Namibia's rhino success even in the midst of a poaching crisis... read more
[11 Jan 2015] 

The barbaric capture of baby elephants for zoos in China shocks the world
Guardian (London) -  re there no limits to the cruelty that humans are prepared to inflict on their fellow creatures in the natural world? When there is money to be made, ... read more
[16 Dec 2014] 

Congo's forest communities suffer at the hands of irresponsible forestry sector
Greenpeace -  Logging companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo are plundering forests, using physical intimidation against local communities and failing to mee... read more
[08 Dec 2014] 

One-two punch: farming, global warming destroying unique East African forests -  A recent study examines the evolution of viper species in East Africa, highlighting the region's mountaintop forests as among the most biodiverse in t... read more
[04 Dec 2014] 

New blood record: 1,020 rhinos killed in South Africa -  In an announcement on November 20th, the South African Department of Environmental Affairs said that 1,020 rhinos had been killed to date. Rhinos are ... read more
[25 Nov 2014] 

Kenya's iconic Nairobi national park is under threat, conservationists warn
Guardian (London) -  Wildlife including giraffe, rhino and zebra are under pressure from roads, railways, factories and houses... read more
[23 Nov 2014] 

Elephants are being wiped out, but not enough people seem to care
Guardian (London) -  Progress on wildlife poaching is slow because there is little public pressure. Let’s hope Interpol’s ‘most wanted’ eco criminals list will help... read more
[19 Nov 2014] 

Yale Environment 360 -  Chinese-led criminal organizations have been conspiring with corrupt Tanzanian officials to traffic huge amounts of ivory — a trade that has caused ha... read more
[10 Nov 2014] 

The inconvenient solution to the rhino poaching crisis -  Daily, we read or hear of more rhino being poached to satisfy the seemingly insatiable demand from Asia for rhino horn ... read more
[29 Oct 2014] 

Desertec solar power project shareholders jump ship
Guardian (London) -  An ambitious project to harness and export solar power generated in Middle East and African deserts has all but folded... read more
[14 Oct 2014] 

The Zanaga iron ore mine – a test of best laid plans for preserving wildlife Read more at http://new -  Logging companies threaten to undermine the mining industry's efforts to leave biodiversity better off... read more
[06 Oct 2014] 

Côte d’Ivoire Chokes on its Plastic Shopping Bags
Inter Press Service -  Each year, Côte d’Ivoire produces 200,000 tonnes of plastic bags of which 40,000 go directly into the trash. Less than 20 percent of this plastic is r... read more
[28 Sep 2014] 

Elephant killings in Mozambique happening on ‘industrialised’ scale
Guardian (London) -  Organised crime syndicates are slaughtering between 1,500 and 1,800 elephants a year in Mozambique for ivory... read more
[23 Sep 2014] 

Looming mining ‘tsunami’ set to take Africa by storm -  As nations invest billions in extraction development, forests may suffer big losses ... read more
[20 Aug 2014] 

20 percent of Africa's elephants killed in three years Read -  Around 100,000 elephants were killed by poachers for their ivory on the African continent in just three years... read more
[19 Aug 2014] 

Rescuing orphaned baby elephants in Kenya - in pictures
Guardian (London) -  To mark World Elephant Day, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has released behind-the-scenes pictures of efforts to save orphaned baby elephants in A... read more
[12 Aug 2014] 

Rebuilding Kissama: war-torn Angola's only national park affected by deforestation, but refaunation -  Conservation organizations, government reintroducing wildlife from other countries ... read more
[24 Jul 2014] 

Will the last ape found be the first to go? Bonobos' biggest refuge under threat (Part I) -  Sankuru Nature Reserve losing its forests, only 28 percent of bonobo habitat remains overall ... read more
[16 Jul 2014] 

Global effort needed to stem elephant slaughter: CITES
Terra Daily -  Elephants will be wiped out in some parts of Africa unless more countries get involved in efforts to prevent poaching and ivory smuggling, according t... read more
[10 Jul 2014]