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Humans and leopards can co-exist: Wildlife biologist
Times of India -  Leopards, like many other wild species, adapt well to human-dominated eco-systems and prefer "easy foods" available there ra... read more
[17 Apr 2014] 

Many reasons for Ganga's plight: Experts
Times of India -  The pollution of Ganga is a complex issue that needs a multi-pronged approach to address. Along with the failure of Ganga Action Plan (GAP), other fac... read more
[08 Dec 2013] 

With forest staff on poll duty, villagers attack tigers
Times of India -  The turf war between man and beast has come to the fore in the heat of the Madhya Pradesh elections... read more
[25 Nov 2013] 

Concerted effort for conservation of rainforests urged
Times of India -  Concerted efforts are the need of the hour to conserve the rich contiguous rainforest patch of Dihing-Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary and its adjoining Uppe... read more
[21 Nov 2013] 

Conservationists urge govt to prohibit water projects in Western Ghats
Times of India -  Though conservationists welcomed the directions issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) prohibiting mining and all Red category Indus... read more
[20 Nov 2013] 

Yamuna's plight highlighted on World Rivers Day
Times of India -  Green activists on Sunday walked along the Yamuna to the Taj Corridor to highlight the plight of the river burdened by human waste and industrial poll... read more
[30 Sep 2013] 

More than 20 tigers poached, says arrested trader Sarju
Times of India -  In a stunning revelation, tiger skin trader Sarju Bagdi alias Suraj Bhan (28) told TOI on Thursday that four gangs of poachers and traders were simult... read more
[16 Sep 2013] 

Beach tourism, development killing turtles: WWF
Times of India -  Unregulated tourism and development activity along beaches like Mandarmani and Digha in West Bengal is killing turtles including the vulnerable Olive ... read more
[13 Aug 2013] 

Study finds rare turtles, gharials in parts of Yamuna
Times of India -  The filthy stretch of Yamuna in Delhi is often not acknowledged to be a river at all. But wildlife researchers studying the Yamuna say that the river ... read more
[29 Jul 2013] 

How tigers are faring in their final frontier -  Sharing homes with the world’s second most populous country is no mean feat. ... read more
[16 Jul 2013] 

How elephants invaded my childrens' school
Guardian (London) -  Man-elephant conflict in India has escalated dangerously... read more
[15 Jul 2013] 

Asiatic lions have homes in over 1,000 Saurashtra villages
Times of India -  Have Asiatic lions found their own homes within the home around the Gir forest? ... read more
[15 Jul 2013] 

Rampaging elephant herd pushed towards Tamil Nadu
Times of India -  Rampaging wild elephants reached the outskirts of Bangalore on Monday, creating panic among villagers of Anekal taluk.... read more
[25 Jun 2013] 

Not 5, poachers kill 9 tigers in 2 months
Times of India -  A day after TOI reported that five tigers were killed by organized gangs of tiger poachers belonging to the notorious Baheliya community from Katni in... read more
[13 Jun 2013] 

India acts to save Asiatic lion by moving it – but hard work has only just begun
Guardian (London) -  Ambitious plan to translocate lions from Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh finally gets green light with Supreme Court ruling... read more
[08 May 2013] 

Electronic surveillance of tiger movement to be put in place
Times of India -  Government will put in place safeguards including 'e-surveillance' of tiger movement for preventing the death of big cats due to train hits. ... read more
[23 Apr 2013] 


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