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India builds solar plants atop canals to save on land, water
Reuters -  As India moves to ramp up investment in solar power, it is exploring innovative places to install solar plants, including across the top of canals.... read more
[19 Jan 2015] 

Is the Mekong at a Tipping Point?
International Rivers -  A dam-building rush on the mainstem Mekong and its tributaries threatens the ecological integrity of the entire basin, and would irreversibly change ... read more
[17 Dec 2014] 

Next-door leopards: First GPS-collar study reveals how leopards live with people
Science Daily -  In the first-ever GPS-based study of leopards in India, biologists have delved into the secret lives of these big cats, and recorded their strategies ... read more
[24 Nov 2014] 

Only place where rhinos, tigers, elephants, and orangutans coexist is under threat -  A report, issued Monday, looks at one of the last vestiges of wilderness on the island of Sumatra, which for the past three decades has been heavily r... read more
[12 Nov 2014] 

Uzbekistan calls for help over disappearing Aral Sea
Terra Daily -  Uzbekistan on Wednesday called for more international help over the shrinking of the Aral Sea, after recent images showed part of the lake had dried u... read more
[30 Oct 2014] 

Marooned in shrinking forests, Bornean orangutans hang on as disaster looms (PART I) -  This is the first part of a two-part series, the second of which goes more in-depth about the efforts to connect habitat fragments and help secure the... read more
[08 Oct 2014] 

Companies hire local communities to evade palm oil restrictions in Indonesia -  As more palm oil companies are held accountable for deforestation in Indonesia, a growing number are hiring local communities to do their dirty work ... read more
[05 Oct 2014] 

E360 Video: Indonesian Villagers Use Drones to Protect Their Forest
Yale Environment 360 -  The villagers of Setulang in Indonesian Borneo have enlisted a new ally in their fight against the illegal clearing of their forests for oil palm plan... read more
[01 Oct 2014] 

Malaysian palm oil company destroys Borneo forests, despite buyer's zero deforestation commitment -  Malaysian palm oil company Genting Plantations is continuing to destroy forests despite a high-profile pledge by one of its customers to eliminate def... read more
[30 Sep 2014] 

Dissolving pulp: the threat to Indonesia’s forests you’ve probably never heard of -  Forest clearing for plantations resulting in massive habitat loss... read more
[24 Sep 2014] 

Indonesia's secret treasures: islands passed over by loggers, hunters and conservationists -  Probably because there are no people and there is thus no hunting on the island, wildlife was very common. I went for a day-time hike, expecting not t... read more
[14 Sep 2014] 

Elephants pay the price for palm in Malaysian Borneo, impact may reach far beyond reported kills -  Sabah lost nearly 900,000 hectares of forest from 2001 to 2013, habitat loss upping human-elephant conflicts... read more
[10 Sep 2014] 

Scientists identify deforested idle land as source of Indonesia "haze" fires
Reuters -  A month after Singapore was shrouded in a thick haze produced by Indonesian fires in June 2013, scientist David Gaveau went to the source of the smoke... read more
[01 Sep 2014] 

Indonesia's national airline to start using palm oil biofuel -  Indonesia's national airline, Garuda Indonesia, says it will start mixing palm oil-based biofuel with its jet fuel as part of an initiative to "reduce... read more
[31 Aug 2014] 

China: coal mine impact on Yellow river upper basin – in pictures
Guardian (London) -  Muli coalfield is illegally gobbling up a nature reserve, blasting away alpine meadows and destroying the ecosystem of the country’s second largest ri... read more
[07 Aug 2014] 

Tin mining, palm oil plantations wreaking havoc on small Indonesian island -  Belitung Island has lost 10 percent of its remaining forests in 13 years, few protections in place despite biological importance... read more
[05 Aug 2014] 

Greenwash alert as palm oil companies sign onto continued deforestation
Greenpeace -  Major palm oil producers including Sime Darby, KLK and Asian Agri announced this week a "sustainability initiative" which Greenpeace warns will underm... read more
[21 Jul 2014] 

NGOs set one-year deadline to stop Xayaburi dam
WWF -  Leading non-governmental organisations (NGOs) today issued a joint declaration in opposition to on-going construction of the Xayaburi dam on the Mekon... read more
[20 Jul 2014] 

30% of Borneo's rainforests destroyed since 1973 -  Research shows that just over a quarter of Borneo's lowland forests remain intact... read more
[17 Jul 2014]