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Should tackling climate change trump protecting nature?
Guardian (London) -  Planners have given the green light for a solar farm at Rampisham Down, a SSSI in West Dorset. But stopping biodiversity loss is as important as stopp... read more
[19 Jan 2015] 

Extreme weather in the Arctic problematic for people, wildlife
Terra Daily -  The residents of Longyearbyen, the largest town on the Norwegian arctic island archipelago of Svalbard, remember it as the week that the weather gods ... read more
[26 Nov 2014] 

In Romania, Highway Boom Poses Looming Threat to Bears
Yale Environment 360 -  Romania, one of Europe’s poorest nations, badly needs a modern highway system. But conservationists warn that unless the movements of wildlife are acc... read more
[20 Nov 2014] 

How Norway and Russia Made A Cod Fishery Live and Thrive
Yale Environment 360 -  The prime cod fishing grounds of North America have been depleted or wiped out by overfishing and poor management. But in Arctic waters, Norway and Ru... read more
[18 Sep 2014] 

Mining threatens to eat up northern Europe’s last wilderness
Guardian (London) -  Vast network of rivers, lakes and mountains in Finland, Sweden and Norway at risk from being exploited for rare earth and other minerals ... read more
[03 Sep 2014] 

Norway whale catch reaches highest number since 1993
Guardian (London) -  Catch of 729 is the highest since Norway resumed commercial whaling despite a worldwide moratorium... read more
[26 Aug 2014] 

Neonicotinoids linked to recent fall in farmland bird numbers
Guardian (London) -  Research demonstrates for the first time the knock-on effects to other species of class of insecticides known to harm bees... read more
[09 Jul 2014] 

UK government pledges to fight unlimited Atlantic shark fishing
Guardian (London) -  Fishing minister George Eustice promises to argue the case for precautionary catch limits for overfished species... read more
[02 Jul 2014] 

Nature Studies: The drug that killed India’s birds of prey is coming to Europe – and we must stop it
The Independent (London) -  There are 300 pairs of Spanish imperial eagle left. We can’t afford to lose any... read more
[03 Jun 2014] 

New Caledonia officially creates world's largest protected area (photos) -  The Natural Park of the Coral Sea (Le Parc Naturel de la Mer de Corail) covers all of New Caledonia’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which is home to ... read more
[04 May 2014] 

Studying a Polar Menagerie On an Island in Arctic Russia
Yale Environment 360 -  This is the second of three blog posts from the field by conservation biologist Joel Berger, who is a senior scientist with the Wildlife Conservation ... read more
[16 Apr 2014] 

English grasslands in 'catastrophic decline'
Guardian (London) -  Conservationists warn wildlife-rich grasslands are vanishing due to development, farming practices or neglect... read more
[06 Apr 2014] 

Commercial development threatens Ulcinj Salinas in Montenegro
BirdLife International -  The Ulcinj Salinas are an irreplaceable habitat for birds on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, and one of the most important habitats on the Adriati... read more
[17 Mar 2014] 

Rivers run dry as claims of illegality surround Romania's hydropower boom
Guardian (London) -  Green tariffs are driving development in the Southern Carpathian mountains, but with ecological and legal consequences... read more
[04 Feb 2014] 

Hydropower Struggle: Dams Threaten Europe's Last Wild Rivers
Spiegel Online -  Europe's last remaining wild rivers flow through the Balkans, providing stunning scenery and habitat to myriad plants and animals. But hundreds of dam... read more
[21 Jan 2014]