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Studying a Polar Menagerie On an Island in Arctic Russia
Yale Environment 360 -  This is the second of three blog posts from the field by conservation biologist Joel Berger, who is a senior scientist with the Wildlife Conservation ... read more
[16 Apr 2014] 

English grasslands in 'catastrophic decline'
Guardian (London) -  Conservationists warn wildlife-rich grasslands are vanishing due to development, farming practices or neglect... read more
[06 Apr 2014] 

Commercial development threatens Ulcinj Salinas in Montenegro
BirdLife International -  The Ulcinj Salinas are an irreplaceable habitat for birds on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, and one of the most important habitats on the Adriati... read more
[17 Mar 2014] 

Rivers run dry as claims of illegality surround Romania's hydropower boom
Guardian (London) -  Green tariffs are driving development in the Southern Carpathian mountains, but with ecological and legal consequences... read more
[04 Feb 2014] 

Hydropower Struggle: Dams Threaten Europe's Last Wild Rivers
Spiegel Online -  Europe's last remaining wild rivers flow through the Balkans, providing stunning scenery and habitat to myriad plants and animals. But hundreds of dam... read more
[21 Jan 2014] 

Polar vortex over US brings abnormally mild weather to Scandinavia
Guardian (London) -  Weather system disrupts flora and fauna in Nordic countries, with bears reportedly emerging from hibernation... read more
[12 Jan 2014] 

USPB reaches new stage of steppe restoration project
BirdLife International -  The Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds (USPB; BirdLife in Ukraine), as part of its “Steppe Biodiversity” project with EU financing has rein... read more
[07 Jan 2014] 

A Successful Push to Restore Europe's Long Abused Rivers
Yale Environment 360 -  From Britain to the Czech Republic, European nations have been restoring rivers to their natural state — taking down dams, removing levees, and revivi... read more
[10 Dec 2013] 

Record whale and dolphin sightings in North Sea
Guardian (London) -  Passengers on Newcastle ferry spotting unprecedented numbers of minke whales, dolphins, sharks and even a humpback whale... read more
[21 Oct 2013] 

UK's wild bird population continues to decline
Guardian (London) -  Conservationists urge government to use EU money to step up protection measures as numbers fall despite farming changes... read more
[18 Oct 2013] 

European Law Could Be Unbearable for Croatia's Brown Bears
Science Daily -  Croatia joined the European Union on 1 July and conservation scientists fear that the EU's rules could cause problems for its brown bear population.... read more
[27 Sep 2013] 

Thousands of knot in flight are one of autumn’s great spectacles
The Independent (London) -  A murmuration of these birds is among the most beautiful sights in Britain... read more
[26 Sep 2013] 

Not far from Rome, Italy's distinct bear faces down extinction -  The Marsican brown bear is on the brink of extinction. Despite authorities spending millions of Euros on its conservation, high human-caused mortalit... read more
[24 Sep 2013] 

Fracking for gas and oil poses serious risk to livestock, warns expert
The Independent (London) -  Professor Robert Oswald says his findings of deaths and deformities in American livestock are so alarming that Britain should halt the practice ‘until... read more
[18 Sep 2013] 

Urban sprawl eating into wildlife habitats in Europe
European Environment Agency -  As cities expand into the countryside, the habitats of many animals and plants are reduced. Roads, railways, car parks and buildings also split up hab... read more
[14 Aug 2013] 

Greenpeace warns Spain about building on coast
Terra Daily -  Greenpeace accused Spain Thursday of overdeveloping its coastline and warned the problem will only get worse due to a new law which it said makes it e... read more
[12 Aug 2013] 

Russian forests and tigers left floored by illegal logging
WWF -  The forests of the Russian Far East are being pushed to the brink of destruction due to pervasive, large-scale illegal logging, largely to supply Chin... read more
[07 Aug 2013] 

Neonicotinoids are the new DDT killing the natural world
Guardian (London) -  UK is collaborating in peddling the corporate line that neonicotinoid pesticides are safe to use – they are anything but... read more
[06 Aug 2013] 

Grassland butterflies in rapid decline in Europe
Guardian (London) -  Two decades of plummeting population halves number of key species, adversely affecting bees, birds and biodiversity – study... read more
[24 Jul 2013] 


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