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The Open Earth Project helps you keep in touch with the planet, and share information about your activities in nature and the parts of the natural world you know.  
    The Open Earth Project...
  • is fully independent, free from links to any vested interests
  • aims to open up unlimited access to nature on earth
    ...brings information direct from nature to public
  • Open-earth.org helps information owners share their information with a wide public
  • Open-earth.org seeks to cover all aspects of nature on earth
  • Open-earth.org is free to use and open to everyone
    Open-earth.org is a dedicated publication environment...
  • simple to use, yet allows effective organisation and management of published information
  • publish as many stories as often as you need
    ...also designed for organisations and group work
  • authors can create or join groups to help stay connected with individuals who share a common purpose in nature
  • like individuals, nature-oriented organisations can use Open-earth.org to showcase their work and action
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